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Why Choose Grayline?

Since 1986 Grayline Research Center and individuals in the Texoma Area have had world wide impact on many medications now available. Each clinical trial or study is designed to answer specific questions and to find new and better ways to help patients.


Why should I participate in a clinical research trial?

By participating in a research study you will help provide information to researchers about investigational treatments that may help your condition. You may also benefit society by contributing to a better understanding of your condition, which could lead to new or improved treatments.

Why are clinical research trials important?

Everyone would like to receive effective treatment with drugs and procedures that work, that are safe, and that cost as little as possible. The advances in medicine and science are the direct result of new ideas and approaches developed through research. Until a drug or treatment is used with a large number of individuals, it is difficult to asses how effective it really is or what side effects may occur from its use. Through clinical studies, researchers are able to learn which approaches work best. This knowledge translates into better medical management of diseases or conditions.

How can I participate in a clinical drug trial?

As much as we would like to give everyone the opportunity to participate in a study, a person’s medical history may prohibit this from happening. Our first and foremost intention is for the well being of the patient. To participate in drug trial, an individual must first be diagnosed with the condition for which the trial is being conducted. This is can be done in one of two ways. They can either have their personal physician submit their records to the clinic for review, or have the clinic perform a physical examination and diagnosis. The content of the physical examination is totally dependent on the clinical drug trial. Once it has been determined that a person can be a participant in a clinical trial, he or she will then be asked to sign an informed consent form. This informs the participant about the guidelines and procedures they will need to follow during the study. Also, it informs the participant of the possible side effects that may occur from taking the study medication. After signing the informed consent form the individual is then placed in a study.

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