Founded in 1986, Grayline Research Center is a full-service contract research site dedicated to providing high quality clinical trials management and support to pharmaceutical companies for Phase II – IV clinical trials under FDA review.

Today, Grayline is recognized as a premiere clinical trial research facility. The company and its staff bring to each clinical trial a formidable body of experience and expertise. That collective experience covers a wide range of research designs, targeted illnesses, patient populations, and recruitment strategies.

Dedicated to meeting and exceeding the objectives and requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, Grayline Research Center adheres to the highest standards and processes. Our team is well versed in the regulatory requirements and we are committed to excellence.

Services Provided

We specialize in conducting phase II, III and IV clinical Trials
We focus on subject safety and adherence to the protocol
Turnover time for Regulatory Documents, budgets, and contracts is usually 24 hours

Quality Program

We will not commit to a study unless we are certain that we can meet or exceed sponsor expectations.

A physician is available at all times for patient visits and for protocol, consent, and medication issues
Each team receives cross-training and certification training on the study it conducts
We do whatever is necessary to accommodate our subjects’ school and/or work schedule, and provide transportation when needed. This maximizes compliance and retention
During monitor visits, the study team coordinator and the principal investigator meet with the monitor

Principal Investigators

Our principal investigators are board certified with extensive clinical experience and we have completed over 100 clinical trials. Our principal investigators represent the following disciplines:

Patient Recruitment

Grayline Research Center prides itself in meeting and exceeding enrollment criteria in its clinical trials. We utilize targeted patient recruitment techniques for quality and fast patient enrollment and retention.

Patient/Participant Population

The following is a partial listing of the patient populations we can access.

Monitoring Accommodations

To facilitate the monitoring visits by representatives of the pharmaceutical companies Grayline Research Center provides spacious work areas that are equipped with a telephone, fax, copier, scanner and broadband internet access.

Located in Wichita Falls, Texas, we are less than a two-hour drive from Dallas, Texas or Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – or a 40-minute flight from the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport. Our offices are centrally located, easy to access and within five minutes of hotel accommodations.