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Grayline Research Center is an independent research site specifically designed for advanced Phases clinical research trials. Our facility boasts an experienced research staff, dedicated to the support and conduct of our trials, from study initiation to closeout. With a group of professionals averaging more than a decade of clinical research experience, you can expect unrivaled accuracy, organization and communication from start to finish!

Grayline Research Center is located in Wichita Falls, Texas. We are conveniently located 5 miles from the Wichita Falls Regional Airport and less than that to many hotel accommodations and area attractions.



Physician Investigator, Sub-investigators and Certified Clinical Research Coordinators
Utilization of Central IRB for approval of clinical studies 
Procedures to support remote source document verification 
Experience administering PRO outcomes
Use of eCOA for data collection
Perform extensive pre-study evaluations 
Continuous protocol development and review
Preparation of source documents, informed consent and processing regulatory documents
Experience in CRF completion, drug accountability, AE review and reporting

Other Qualifications Include:

Upgraded security system with digitally recorded cameras and advanced IT and firewall protection. 

Separate locked IP storage area with controlled room temperature, continuous video monitoring and back-up power.

Specialized lab designed for sample collection, containing a centrifuge and refrigerated centrifuge, -20 frost-free freezer with monitoring system and trained staff dedicated to the collection, preparation and shipment of samples to central laboratories. 

Medical exam rooms stocked with 12-lead ECG Machines, emergency equipment, Calibrated Blood Pressure Machines, among other study specific instruments. 


Recruitment Strategies

Full time Marketing and Recruitment Staff Member
Performs routine education and recruitment programs in the community
Maintains a comprehensive subject recruitment and enrollment tracking system
Actively collaborates and networks with nearby private practices, community hospitals, retirement communities, nonprofit organizations, universities, and many more
Conducts Database searches and/or chart reviews for referrals 
Multidisciplinary staff meetings
Doctor-Patient meetings and information sessions
Patient consultations
Receives regular referrals from effective marketing strategies through social media, radio, newspaper and television advertisements