Free Memory Screens

Grayline Research Center Offers Free Confidential Memory Evaluations!

Memory loss can disrupt your daily life and may be a symptom of Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia. Are you or a loved one feeling concerned about memory loss?

Grayline Research Center is proud to offer free confidential memory screens for individuals who have concerns about their memory or want to check their memory now for future comparison.
All memory screens are performed by staff who are trained in identifying problems with memory or thinking. The screening is non-invasive, consists of a series of questions and tasks, and takes around 30 minutes to administer.

Memory screenings are used as an indicator of whether a person might benefit from an extensive medical exam, but they are not used to diagnose any illness and in no way replace an exam by a qualified healthcare professional. We encourage medical follow up.

Our Goals are Simple:

  1. Provide free, confidential memory screenings to those with memory concerns or want to check their memory
  2. Eliminate stigma and fears associated with dementia
  3. Encourage those with memory problems to follow up with an exam by a physician or other qualified healthcare professional for an accurate diagnosis, treatment, social services, and community resources
  4. Educate the public about Alzheimer’s disease and successful aging
  5. Alleviate the fears of those who do not have a problem


*Because we are screening for memory concerns, we recommend you attend the Free Memory Screen with a trusted individual. If you are scheduling a memory screen appointment for someone other than yourself, please indicate this when you call to schedule an appointment.


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